CTI Certification: Gemma Pod

Welcome Gemma Pod! Below are recordings of our pod calls

  • This webpage will be up for a year from the start of our calls (i.e., until January, 2018)
  • You can listen online or download the recordings. Under each session title below is a player icon to listen online, and a download link to download the audio file. (FYI, each file is about 20 MB)
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Recordings of Pod calls

Session 1: Empowered Relationships (1/24/2017)

Session 2: Cornerstones (2/7)

Session 3: Integration of Fulfillment (2/21)

Session 4: Integration of Balance (3/7)

Session 5: Integration of Process (3/21)

Session 6: Forward the Action / Deepen the Learning (4/4)

Session 7: Listening and Self-Management (4/18)

Start Mid-Program Reviews after this pod call

Session 8: Curiosity and Intuition (5/2)

Session 9: Coach the Whole Person, not the Topic (5/16)

Session 10: Ethics (5/30)

Session 11: Bringing It All Together (6/13)

Session 12: Evoking Transformation (6/27)

Written exam will be distributed via email on July 4
Note: There is no triad call on July 4. Triad call moves to 7/11.

Session 13: Celebration and Completion! (7/18/2017)

Written exam is due to Dorcas before this pod call